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Just like many of you, we are heartbroken and outraged with the way the Black Community has been treated for generations. Only to boil over recently with the murders of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. We are tired and have met our limits, enough is enough.

As a Black-owned business in a world where there are not enough of us, we stand with you because #BlackLivesMatter. We believe in fighting for the rights and voices of our communities. We work with a variety of institutions to create an empowered environment for all through Leadership Design, Development, and Diversity. We will do this using various platforms that include Creativity, Coaching, and Culture just to name a few.

Q Inc. stands with those who are protesting because yes, we need real change to happen now. The fight is just beginning. We ask for all of you to please be prepared and be safe.

The Q Inc Team


We seek to heighten proactivity in creating diverse environments throughout the corporate, educational, non-profit, political, religious and social spectrums by providing real-world, all-inclusive solutions designed for the modern world.


Who we are

"Water the Roots"
Q Inc. was officially founded in 2019 but our roots go much deeper, spreading out many years before that. We took our first steps after recognizing the necessity for our communities and institutions to be lead and served by a diverse and empowered generation. We are Indigenous Innovators, Creatives and Culturists who seek to share our collective wit, wisdom, and leadership with everyone. We want to see communities flooded with these urban leaders who will be equipped with innovative and empowering tactics that foster environments for everyone to thrive in. If we don’t “water the roots” we won’t see positive growth and change take place.


Our Services

Let's change our world. Together.


Creativity as a solution


Coaching to leadership influence


Culture, inclusion, & equity training

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Our Mission & Vision

Empowering and equipping urban leaders to be a positive change in their institutions and communities, in order to create a legacy of generational leadership.


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