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Quarantine with Q Inc. #ClassOf2020

What a year for those who are continuating and graduating! #Classof2020 is challenged with the year of #Covid19 #StayAtHome #SchoolClosures and figuring out how to take advantage of social media and technology in order to finish this year of school so they can move on. And still, they “RISE ABOVE”. Our students have created virtual spirit weeks, hang times, movie nights, remote learning with friends, virtual dating, lots of #TikTok vids, and so much more. This generation has enabled the virtual world to #live, #breathe, and #flourish all because they decided they will be #creative and they will #embrace the now. #Classof2020 is a #resilient, #bold, #creative generation of future leaders whom we should admire. These young leaders have given us #hope that nothing in life will keep them down. They are teaching us how to get up, get ready, and #levelup! We at Q Inc. want to say #CONGRATULATIONS #CLASSOF2020 we are so proud of you and we are encouraged by you. Lead us into the #future and don’t let anything get in your way!

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