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#Quarantine with Q Inc. “Game Face Time”

In these very trying times we are in with #Covid19 and #StayAtHomeOrders all over the globe it is surreal. Some of us want to wake up and think this is just a dream, but it is not. Some of us feel vulnerable, scared, shocked, and think we need to keep our “Game Face On” so we don’t let those who we care about see that we just don’t have it together. Well, practice your GAME FACE because it‘s BOARD GAME time. This game will help time go by so fast, bring healthy competition and you can play with multiple players. #QInc is suggesting #MONOPOLY. Whoever you stay with gather them up, circle up, designate your banker and have a blast! Please post your pics and comments about playing #MONOPOLY on our #QInc post. Who won? How long did it take? Who couldn’t take it anymore? We are looking forward to seeing your posts so be sure to hashtag us! #QInc #Monopoly #QuarantinewithQInc #GameFace

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