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Quarantine with Q Inc. “It’s All Mental”

Is it though? Is it really all mental? This has been one of the mantras that I have lived by as a leader in my community and across the country. When we talk about a #mentality we tend to think it is a way of thinking, that is because it can be a way of thinking. With the #NationalStayAtHome in effect, being inside can even become #redundant, #boring, #frustrating, #infuriating and even #depressing. We are all saying we want to prepare for the #newnormal after our #quarantine time. If we really believe what we are posting about that then know this: “You have to prepare yourself #menatlly in order to be ready for the #newnormal.” This will take an #ItsAllMental way of thinking. Practice now saying things like: ”I/We can handle the #challenge“ or “I/We got this!” or “I refuse to let the negative thoughts overtake my #positive thoughts.” Choose a healthy #mentality and #value this season in life because you won’t get this again! You are worth it!

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