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Quarantine with Q Inc. “Just take a breath”

Once again we are faced with more #challenges dealing with the #Covid19 pandemic. We are also faced with many great #opportunities as we are all ordered to #StayHome. One very simple opportunity which allows you to relax, self care, think, meditate, bring peace, and to bring life is to simply “breathe”. Sit back, find space and just #breathe and do not allow yourself to be interrupted. Breathe in deep, breathe out slowly, repeat. Find an #app that you can use like the #breatheapp on the #applewatch. Just this one simple act will do wonders for your mentality and your body everyday. So, take time this week to take a breath daily because so many during this #pandemic cannot even do that. Breathe for them, breathe for you, breathe because you can but most of all, breathe for your own #selfcare.

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