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Quarantine with Q Inc. “Rise Above”

Currently our lives are riddled with the questions about what happens when we all get to leave our houses after this #stayathome order. Everything is still unclear and unsettling when it comes to this pandemic called #covid. As the ”stay at home order” comes to a close for so many, people’s true colors are showing up on the scene as well. That feeling when you know something is so close but still so far, we fight, argue, disagree and protest in hopes that our governemnts will hear us and do what we want. That fear if we leave our houses we can still catch this #covid because there is no vaccine, no cure, no real answers, no control, it creeps its way into our very bodies to take over and choke us out of life. So, how can we “RISE ABOVE” in the midst of all the unknowing, confusion, fear, anxiousness, mental health, social distancing, government orders and lack of answers. We CHOOSE! We choose wisdom over worry. Energy over tiredness. Hope over fear. Selfless over selfish. Mental health over mental drought. Patience over anxiousness. WE, RISE ABOVE because we must. WE, RISE ABOVE because we have to rebuild. WE, RISE ABOVE because we have to lead. WE, RISE ABOVE because we have to choose new life, new ways, new destiny and forge the path for generations to come. WE, RISE ABOVE and make history because we are the ones who are #HeroesWithoutCapes. “When we #RiseAbove we leave room for others to #RiseUp#quotesQ

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