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Quarantine with Q Inc. “Spring Clean Fun”

April began our NATIONAL #STAYATHOME order across the country due to #COVID19 getting worse. So, we are looking for more things to do in the house and since it is also #springtime our typical spring cleaning may as well start. We are all couped up together with family, friends, and people that get on your nerves, we have to get a little more #creative with what we do. So, lets take our #normalroutines and make them #fun #excitng and a #newnormal. Here is a great idea from Q Inc. Take only 2-3 hours each day and assign each “person staying with you a different task” but everybody cleans at the same time. From the ”windows to the walls” of the house. Make this a #competition and whoever gets their task done first gets some kind of prize to make it a little more #enticing. So, have #FUN and #SPRINGCLEAN together!

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