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Quarantine with Q Inc. “YOU BETTER OPEN v. YOU BETTER CLOSE”

It is beginning even as I type this #blog up now. The YOU BETTER OPEN anxiety, stress, anxiousness to get outside and leave your #ShelterInPlace. The weather is perfect, the time is right, you are still working from home so why not, “Shoot, let’s just go to the park, a hike, walk, the beach, biking, let’s just go anywhere right now?” The country is splitting again because you have the protesters on both sides of this argument: YOU BETTER OPEN v. YOU BETTER CLOSE! So, which is it? Did we open too soon, too late, too much, too little? Am I selfish because I just want to leave my space? Isn’t it my choice, my body? Don’t they care about others and saving lives? This is the reality of what we are dealing with today in #America during this #Covid19 era. We are making history but are we doing the best we can? When our future generation looks back at history what will they search and see about America during #covid? This is not the time to #DIVIDE and #DESTROY one another. Here is our #reality right now, Yes, some states are opening while others are not. #YOU AS AN #INDIVIDUAL have the free will to #choose but some of our choices could result in negative consequences unfortunately. Even if your state or city opens up you can still #StayAtHome. Even if your state or city says #StayAtHome you can still go outside. We are in a time where there are #boundaries still and that is the #reality. If we are ALL IN THIS #TOGETHER what happened to #TOGETHER? We need each other now more than ever. Why are we all in #dissension? We are here whether we like it or not, so let’s stop yelling, “YOU BETTER OPEN or YOU BETTER CLOSE” at each other. Let’s yell, “YOU BETTER KNOW I GOT YOU!”

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