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#RealLeaders “Do you see ME?”

Have you ever felt like everything you do, all your ideas, thoughts, feelings, creativity, is never seen or recognized? Have you ever felt like #YOU are just not #SEEN or #HEARD? When it comes to being #RealLeaders it is important for us as leaders to really KNOW and SEE who we have working for us, who we are mentoring, who we invest into. This is not difficult to do! As someone who has been training others in the leadership world for quite a while and has #failed at it tremendously. I finally got it! So this is one of my personal ”Tips & TriQs” for you in order to be the #RealLeader you need to be. Are you ready? Here it is: be a #student of the ones you lead. You have to choose to take time out of your day to study those you lead well. This can and will look different for everyone but it is one of the most valuable things I have ever learned for my own leadership. There is value in #listening and #observing rather than #talking and #commanding. You will find great #peace in it as well. I began to learn about people’s lives and struggles, their needs, their dreams, their skills, their families. I just took time to BE WITH THE PEOPLE rather than #command the people. I am sure you want to know some of the ways I did this? One example is I used to stay late in the office and the #JANITOR would always come to clean. She was always by herself. So I would actually help her take the trash to the dumpster and help her lift and load heavy items. In the process we began to have conversations and I got to learn about her life. She would always look for me and always come to see if I was ok? I not only got to know her, I got to #SEE her. Her job was so much work and she got so little pay. I wanted her to know that she is somebody important and valuable, because she is. We became friends and I met a very #influential person whom so many overlook and treat like they are nothing. She even thanked me for listening to her. It is moments like this that will make you question your leadership? Being a #RealLeader isn’t about power and control it is about #influence. All you have to do is make the choice to actively #SEE the people you lead.

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