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#RealLeaders “Fight the POWER”

What does it take to realize that as a leader #Power styles no longer become the best ways to #lead others? Humanity has a desire to fight powers like: government, injustice, privilege, economy, bosses, abuse, dictators, and more. Why do we have this inate desire to to do this? Because we cannot take it anymore, being told what to do and how to do it. Especially from someone who is not qualified, someone who treats you bad, someone who lies to you, someone who doesn’t really care about you, somene who strips you of your #value and someone who has never taken the time to #see #you. Whether somebody is right or wrong this desire creeps up so quickly that it goes unnoticed and takes over. We want to #fight the #powers that be but the powers that be will fight back. It can take a lot of pain and loss to finally realize something so valuable as this. Loss of profit, people, power, position, title and money. Once you get here it is then that you realize soemthing you are doing isn’t working so well as that leader. You (We) are clearly lacking the talent and gift to lead with #Influence. Many times we realize this way too late. The look of a leader can be very deceptive but the value of an #influental leader none can deny. So, my Tips & TriQs for you are this You know when you are being lead by someone of #influnece rather than someone of #power. It feels right, you want to follow them, support them, encourage them, and know them. You want to learn from them as much as you can. That is the value and purpose of a leader who leads with #Influence rather than #power. These leaders are hard to find but we (you) exist. My Tips & TriQs for you are this: #Influence can be learned but it takes a choice to apply it to your leadership. #quotesQ So, be a student and learn about being an #influential leader yourself. Find information, look at the leaders in your life now and see who leads with #power versus #influence. Be that #leader of #influence, fight the urge to lead with #POWER.

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